Multi Stripe Knee High Socks

SKU: 111KH
5 star rating

Stripes of many fashion colors make these knee socks flexible enough to wear with a variety of outfits. Black toe, heel, and top band. Choose the pink, purple and yellow version or the mint green, turquoise and orange style. C


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Love my socks.
Oct 23, 2011  |  By Lester Schwartz, Mo Fun, Mo The Clown
I am a balloon twisting clown performing mostly out of make up as Mo Fun or Mo The Clown. Clowning is unique problem solving observed by others. Think: I Love Lucy. My costumes have featured rainbow striped knee and over the knee socks from Foot Traffic for many years. Positive sock comments pour in daily. I love my Foot Traffic rainbow socks. Thank you, Foot Traffic! Grandpa often told me that the one of the secrets to a wonderful life was to have great socks as often as possible.