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Signature Combed Cotton Tights

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    There are lots of advantages to purchasing combed cotton tights. What many don't know is that combing refers to the...
  • $20.00
    Foot Traffic Combed Cotton Signature petite tights are constructed with the highest grade combed cotton, blended with...

Most women look for smoothness and strength in their tights. At Foot Traffic, our Signature Combed Cotton Tights have been expertly fabricated by using the finest quality combed cotton on the market for just that purpose. Our customers rave about our Combed Cotton Tights for their fit and durability, as well as their one-of-a-kind styles and design.

Our Signature Cotton Tights feature a higher thread count than other cotton tights, creating a silky feel on your skin. The Signature Cotton Tights from Foot Traffic are available in a variety of versatile colors – including heather graphite, sage, burgundy, chocolate, ivory, and mint, to name a few.

Our Purple Pink, Ivory Peacock, Purple Black, and Peacock Slate Signature Cotton Tights feature all the same texture, feel, and quality as our other combed cotton tights but each features a cute 50/50 split in the color design. Each is a great pair of cotton tights with a faux over-the-knee color styling for a sleek layered appearance.

Each pair of our Signature Combed Cotton Tights is made from tightly-woven and fine-spun combed cotton blend for a jersey-like softness. Pull on a pair of our Signature Combed Cotton Tights and there’s no need to worry about runs or snags. These aren’t your ordinary tights – they’re a well-balanced mixture of cotton and spandex which gives them both strength and sleekness. Each pair of Signature Combed Cotton Tights features a discreet elastic waistband, no seat panel, and minimal seaming – perfect for wearing under fitted dresses or skirts. Our Signature Combed Cotton Tights are also available in a Petite Signature Cotton Tight and Plus-Sized as well!

Foot Traffic cotton tights make a wonderful addition to any fall wardrobe; perfect to wear in the cooler autumn air, they're chic and practical! All Cotton Tights available in One Size.