FAQ & Tips

Foot Traffic has some of the best fun and crazy novelty socks that can be found anywhere.

  • We feature a high cotton content.
  • You can count on our sizing .
  • Shipping is fast. We will send your socks on their way on the first available UPS truck or through the Us Mail.
  • Not happy with your socks? Send them back and we will refund your credit card as soon as they come back in.
  • We are confident that you and your family and friends will love Foot Traffic socks.

Give us a call!

We really do have REAL humans on the other end of the phone.

Call 800-789-3668 to talk to talented sock advisor who will help you with ideas .

Call 888-560-4830 if something weird happens to your order. We really do want to hear about it and we promise we won't talk about you at the water cooler later..

All we want to do at Foot Traffic is to have our fun and special sock bring smiles and happiness to you and yours.