Here are ten fun sock ideas for the groom-to-be to spice up his wedding party. Planning a wedding is never easy, especially when it comes to managing all the little details. In fact, as many as 40% of people planning a wedding spend between ten to fifteen hours per week on planning their wedding. The party favors, the flowers, catering, and more have to be a perfect combination of the bride and the groom's tastes. Otherwise, disagreements may arise. Less often thought about are the accessories worn by the groomsmen and groom, but these little touches are one of the most perfect ways to foster creativity and a sense of companionship among groomsmen and the groom alike. You'd be surprised how far the creativity of something as simple as a sock in a wardrobe can go. Pair Your Sock Color with Bridesmaid Colors Traditionally, groomsmen have matched the wedding party by using similarly-colored ties or shirts. Some even go as far as matching their entire tuxedo. However, another option is to wear socks. For a more casual wedding, rolling up pants to expose a flash of color is a trendy and unique way to include socks in your wardrobe planning. Add Subtle Color & Design to a Modest Dress Think your wedding party's color theme and styles are too modest for novelty socks? Think again. Wearing a sock with a thin line pattern and a pop of color can liven up any wardrobe while still seeming conservative and tasteful. Stripes are an excellent option for wedding parties with no other print on their shoes or suits. Plan Sock Designs Based on the Weather and Time of Year Are you getting married in the spring? Include socks with a floral print for a more intriguing look that will almost assuredly go with the florals the bride-to-be will include in her getup. Winter designs are often even more fun to work with and provide a plethora of pattern and theme ideas for the groom and groomsmen. These will all involve working around weather restrictions, such as avoiding socks that are too cold in the winter and ones that are too warm in the summer, but will give you plenty to work with. Stars and Stripes -- Incorporating Patriotism For military weddings where groomsmen are not in the army and therefore cannot be in dress uniform, a fun way to show patriotism and support for the groom is by wearing patriotic-themed socks. Alternate star socks with striped socks amongst your groomsmen or nab a uniform pair with flags on it. This theme can also be used for July weddings or just for a hint of color that shows pride for your country. Don't forget the sparklers if you're getting married on July 4th! Match Personalities With Fun Print Have a lot of bold personalities in your group, and you want their individuality to shine? Consider picking a printed sock with different color choices. That way, the print in your wedding party will match, but the colors will be up to the groomsmen. It will give you party a way to feel like they have a hand in the planning of your wedding while also still maintaining control over the outcome and execution of wedding styles. Animal Themes for Animal Lovers There are ways to use animal themes in your wedding party without it getting tacky or over-the-top. Opt for animal-themed socks with simple colors and prints, such as these plaid buffalo novelty sock s. However, if you're the type of people that like over-the-top animal enthusiasm, you might step it up with animal print or by letting your groomsmen pick a sock with their favorite animal on it. Comic Book Themes Comic book themed weddings are taking off in popularity, sometimes even at the behest of the bride. However, not all couples share a love of comic books, and therefore a great way to incorporate comic book themes into a wedding party that might not have mutual respect for comic books is by using socks. A simple Batman, Superman, or Spiderman print sock under a trouser maintains a uniformity while also showing the groom's devotion to comic books. Print Your Face on Your Sock and Hand it Out As a Gag Gift If you're opting for a more traditional black or navy trouser sock but still are a sock aficionado, there are ways to incorporate socks into your groomsmen's tradition. At your bachelor party, consider buying a pair of printed socks with the bride and groom's face on them. Not only will this get you a laugh, but it will provide your groomsmen with something comfortable (and fashionable) to change into after the ceremony. Get Personal With Your Groomsmen Are you stuck on what to get the people in your party as a show of gratitude for their commitment to your relationship? Get them a personalized pair of socks. This can be as simple as monogramming the date of your wedding on it or as personal as getting a pair of socks that references an inside joke from your bachelor's party or a past shared event. Either way, this souvenir will delight and be a constant reminder of one of the most important personal events they've been involved in. Rainbow Up! Rainbows are great for all types of weddings, and doing a gradient in the color of your groomsman's socks is a fun look that doesn't necessarily outshine the bridesmaids or the bride. Gradients can be rainbow, different shades of the same color, or a variety of colors ordered from lightest to darkest. This will also help groomsmen remember their place within the wedding party lineup, preventing any mishaps and maintaining order without the bride or groom to be putting in any extra effort. Planning and buying fun socks for a wedding should be about highlighting the personality of the groom and everyone in the party, and it shouldn't be harder than necessary. Stick with themes you both are comfortable with, and remember to consult with the bride before making any executive decisions, and this can be a fun and unique way to incorporate the personality of the groom into the event. If you're on the search for the perfect pair of adult socks for your groomsmen, check out the novelty sock collections at Foot Traffic. We have a wide selection of novelty socks for men and novelty socks for women , all at great prices with regularly updated prints and styles.