Cotton Rib Thigh High

SKU: 908TH
3 star rating

Our newest signature cotton thigh high is the perfect addition to any wardrobe any time of year. Whether wearing our cotton thigh highs with a short skirt or shorts, or wearing them layered over a pair of tights, our ribbed thigh highs add a dash of fashion fun and warmth to any outfit. A silicone band lines the top of the thigh high to ensure they don't roll down.


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For taller women
Jan 19, 2016  |  By Tricia
Love the thickness of these thigh-highs, but the problem I ran into was length. I'm 5'1", and the thigh highs came all the way up to the tops of my legs. I couldn't pull them up any more, but they still bagged a bit at my ankles. Bummer.