4 Ways to Style Socks This Winter

4 Ways to Style Socks This Winter

Easy Ways to Update Your Look With Boot Socks

Fall and winter weather bring a change in temperature and a change in your wardrobe. It's time to bring out cozy sweaters, warm leggings, and your favorite boots. However, you're tired of wearing the same basics. So, how do you upgrade your fall and winter fashion without breaking the bank? With socks!

See how many ways you can style boot socks, knee highs, leg warmers, and more this holiday season to bring your cool weather outfits up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

Add More Style to Your Equestrian Boots With Knee High Boot Socks

There is nothing like wearing classic equestrian boots on a pretty fall day. Not only do they look great on everyone, they're perfect for days outside and for long shopping trips during the holidays. But sometimes plain leather and a flat heel can look a little drab.

You can make your equestrian boots look like new with knee length socks. Look for socks with deep jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green, amethyst purple, and topaz blue. Try playing with fabric by choosing lace or cotton and add extra texture by scrunching your boot socks or folding them over the top of your boot.

It's important to remember to leave room in your boots for pants, leggings, and tights. If you're planning to wear a thick boot sock, avoid wearing denim with your boots. If you layer socks and denim under your boots, there may not be enough room for your legs.

You don't need to sport your bare legs with your boots. Just opt for knitted tights, thermal leggings, or thigh high socks to keep you warm while you're out and about.

Brighten Up Trendy Mushroom Colored Boots

This fall and winter, you're going to see fashion influenced by the gorgeous colors of mushrooms. Celebrities are highlighting their hair to look like the underside of this funky fungus to embrace a more neutral color palette and you'll also find sweaters, cosmetics, boots, and shoes in these colors too.

Mushroom colored booties add style to your favorite outfit, because they go well with every color palette. You can easily pull together outfits that contain unconventional neutrals like navy and black. They're also a good winter choice, because they keep your feet protected and stylish.

Add some pop to your footwear with lace socks, knee length socks, or try out leg warmers for a vintage look. Take it a step further by replacing boring boot laces with something a little more colorful. For something fun, try out 3D socks for the holidays!

Style Thigh High Socks With Over-the-Knee Boots

Thigh highs have a terrible reputation for being difficult to style, but it's actually easier than you think. The first thing to remember is that it's not spring or summer, so you won't be pairing your boot socks or thigh highs with shorts or miniskirts.

For cooler weather, wear thigh high socks subtly styled under a long skirt or dress with a high slit on the side. Choose a pair of your favorite over-the-knee boots to layer up for an ultra-sultry look. Throw on a stylish jacket and be prepared to impress everywhere you go!

If you want to look cute and cozy while you're relaxing at home, try pairing your favorite leggings with thick thigh high socks and a super soft sweatshirt. That way, you can throw on your snow boots and run a quick errand without needing to change.

When in Doubt - Just Have Fun With Your Boot Socks

With fashion, all that matters is that you're happy with what you're wearing when you walk out of the door. Wear your boot socks and anything else how you think they look best. Do you like socks with cats on them? Wear them with a pair of classic loafers or saddle shoes.

Maybe you're always in tennis shoes. Then go for a pair of knee high socks with a silly pattern to add some humor to your day. Whatever you do, just make sure you stay authentic to yourself!

Ready to Upgrade Your Fall and Winter Footwear for Fearless Fashion This Holiday Season?

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