Pros and Cons of Wearing Socks to Bed

Pros and Cons of Wearing Socks to Bed

Cool socks may be the sleep remedy you're looking for.

There's big money in sleep remedies. According to a May 2020 press release from Infinium Global Research, this market is expected to hit $114.15B globally in 2025 -- a mere four years away. Many Americans spend money on sleeping pills, sound machines, calming music, essential oils, and other gizmos and gadgets that promise a quick ride to La-La-Land. But they may be missing the best sleep aid of all:

A good pair of socks.

That's right. One of the best sleep aids on the market isn't advertised as such. Researchers have discovered that wearing a pair of socks to bed may not only help you drop off to sleep faster but also stay asleep longer. That's the kind of data we like!

Foot Traffic Helps Solve the Problem

There are many reasons people have trouble falling asleep. Stress due to workloads, relationships, or illness top the list. Too much time on phones and laptops in the evening may also prevent people from falling asleep quickly.

At Foot Traffic, we're happy to hear that our products bring comfort to the sleepless. We already have a penchant for believing the answer to every question is, "Socks!" But that's because socks are what we do. We design the coolest, most creative men's and women's socks on the planet. Our socks are soft and comfortable. They stay in place with no sagging or bagging. And because they come in so many styles and patterns, they go with everything. Dresses, skirts, shorts, slacks, sweats, jeans -- you name it! Our socks put the perfect punctuation mark on any outfit. And now, according to the experts, they're also the ideal accessory to wear with jammies!

Of course, anyone who's slept in a cold room knows that adding layers keeps you warmer. Wearing socks to bed keeps your tootsies toasty. But the benefits go way beyond coziness. Check this out.

Cool Socks, Warm Body

As it turns out, wearing socks to bed helps us regulate our body temperature at night, an important factor in getting a good night's sleep. Our core body temperature drops at night, which is what causes us to get sleepy. Since our extremities are the first to chill out, slipping into a pair of cool socks at bedtime warms the toes and keeps them warm, leading to better blood circulation throughout the entire body. You sleep better as a result.

Here are a few other pros to wearing socks to bed.

Fall asleep faster.

Researchers believe that wearing socks to bed can help you drop off as much as 15 minutes faster than if you hadn't worn socks. No sleep remedy needed! This is because as our core body temperature drops, our extremities -- hands and feet -- get colder. If they're too cold, it's hard to get to sleep. That's where socks come in. Slip on a pair and drift off...

Stay asleep longer.

Sleeping in socks may also help you sleep longer, warding off the 4 a.m. temperature plunge that most people experience. Scientists say that's the point at which your body temp is the lowest, and you're the most likely to wake up. Many people can't get back to sleep at this point. Wearing socks to bed keeps your feet slightly warmer, along with the rest of your body. This means you're less likely to wake up before the dreaded alarm goes off.

Reduce hot flashes.

Studies show that wearing socks to bed may also help reduce hot flashes, a condition many women struggle with throughout their lives. Wearing socks at night helps the body regulate its temperature better, reducing hot flashes in many women.

Better sex.

One other benefit we should mention. Some studies suggest that wearing socks to bed may have a beneficial impact on your sex life. Yep, we said it. But they said it first...

Fun Designs to Get You Started

Enough with the science. Wearing socks to bed is cool, especially when you have a great selection of fun adult socks to choose from. Imagine wearing a different pair every night! You might want to try our Bedtime Reading Socks for starters or perhaps slip on a pair of Space Alone socks.

Sleep research applies to kids, too. If your kids don't like wearing socks in bed, we have fun children's socks that will change their minds. Check out our woodland creatures, otters, and Tree Rex socks, and see what kind of response you get. They'll be snoozing in no time!


On the Flip Side

There are a few cons to wearing socks to bed.

Restricted circulation.

If you wear the wrong type of sock -- one that's too tight or restrictive -- you may accidentally reduce circulation in your feet. Make sure the socks you wear fit well and are comfortable.

Stinky feet.

If your feet sweat at night, it's okay. That's just your body trying to regulate itself. But you may eventually wake up with stinky feet in the morning if you wear the same pair of socks to bed every night. Change them frequently, or better yet, buy a whole week's worth of socks so you can wear a fresh pair every night. We offer more than enough choices in children's, women's, and men's socks to keep the whole family asleep!


Another negative is that if the socks you wear to bed are too heavy, you could cause your body to overheat. It's best not to wear super-thick wool socks to bed. Wear something breathable and lightweight, so heat isn't trapped inside. Take a look at our super-soft, breathable bamboo socks for inspiration.

Experts Agree

Sleep researchers agree that wearing socks to bed is good for you. Why not give it a try yourself? Order up a few pairs of cool socks from Foot Traffic. You'll spend way less than you would for all those other sleep aids. And your feet will be a lot happier!