5 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Fun Footwear

5 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Fun Footwear

So much fun from a pair of socks...

Fall is fast approaching. Invitations will soon be going out for Halloween parties with friends and family. It's not too soon to start planning what you want to be for Halloween. A good costume takes some time to pull together. The earlier you start, the more time you have to work out the details that make a truly authentic costume.

Foot Traffic = Fun Footwear

At Foot Traffic, we love a good party. And that's just what every day is for us as we work to design and create the most fun socks on the planet. Our socks are above-average when it comes to fit and comfort. No sagging, no bagging, no balling up under your foot. Just a smooth, comfortable fit every time. Our colorful themed socks stay fresh and bright, too, wash after wash. It's no wonder they're so popular! They're the perfect accessory for every occasion, including your upcoming Halloween party.

Sock-Inspired Costume Ideas

Take a look at these 5 Halloween costumes inspired by some of our crazy socks, novelty tights, and leg warmers. Then get busy designing your version of one of these or some other costume that centers around funny socks from Foot Traffic.

#1. The Wicked Witch of the East

Let's start with one of everyone's favorite costumes, that of a witch. Not just any witch, but the Wicked Witch of the East from The Wizard of Oz. Okay, it's kind of cliche since Foot Traffic's company headquarters is located in Kansas City, Missouri, just across the state line from Kansas. But we don't care. We'll embrace the claim to fame.

To get started on your witch costume, you'll need a long black dress or robe of some kind. A black witch's hat is easy to make yourself, or you can buy one in one of the many Halloween costume stores that will be popping up around town any day. But the coup de grace for your costume is a pair of fun printed tights or brightly-colored striped socks from Foot Traffic. Check out our striped opaque tights for the most authentic look. Or jazz it up a bit with multi-stripe knee-highs or our striped fashion cotton tights to complete the look. Don't forget your ruby slippers!



#2. The Nerdy Accountant

Who doesn't love a nerd? Attend the Halloween bash as a nerdy accountant this year, inspired by one of our unique themed socks, our accountant socks. They come in both men's and women's versions. This costume is easy to pull together and works well for anyone willing to let their inner nerd run free for an evening.



A quick trip to the thrift store should unearth a pair of plaid polyester trousers, a worn pair of loafers (if you don't already have them), and a button-down shirt with a front pocket. Find a retro pocket protector online and add a couple of Eversharp mechanical pencils. Complete the look with a cheap pair of nerdy glasses with white tape on the nosepiece. You're good to go! Don't forget -- the pants need to be high-waters or rolled up to show off your cool new accountant socks!

#3. The 1980's Aerobics Instructor

A lot happened in the '80s, including the aerobics fitness craze, started by Jane Fonda and perpetuated by Richard Simmons. There's nothing like a good aerobics instructor costume to draw comments at the next Halloween party. All you need is a few items: an exercise leotard, some tights, a good pair of tennies, and a headband.



Foot Traffic can help you pull this look together. Our fun tights for women come in various colors to match any leotard you happen to have on hand or find in a thrift store. We also have thigh-high leg warmers that are the perfect complement to this costume. Measuring in at a full 39", our long leg warmers can be worn full-length or pushed down to a shorter height, depending on your preference. The added benefit? They also help keep your legs warm on chilly fall nights!

#4. The Einstein Approach

On the flip side of the nerd, we have the Einstein costume. All you need from a clothing perspective is a dark suit, a white tuxedo shirt, and a tie. Add a pair of Einstein socks from Foot Traffic, and you're nearly set! These fun socks display a little bit of attitude with the saying, "Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them."



Don't forget to buy a mustache and a wild wig of medium-length gray hair that you can mess up and stick out with teasing and a little hairspray. Then just walk around all night, quietly observing everyone at the party, occasionally crossing your arms, tapping your jaw, and muttering, "Hmmmm....." under your breath. You'll drive people crazy wondering what you're thinking!

#5. The Court Jester

For a medieval twist, you might want to attend the Halloween party as a court jester. The court jester's role was that of entertainer in the king's court. He was allowed to say pretty much anything to anybody without experiencing negative consequences. While we don't exactly recommend taking it that far, the court jester is a fun persona to try on for a night.


Many costume stores have court jester costumes for sale. Sometimes they're categorized under the Mardi Gras costumes. We recommend adding socks or tights with harlequin patterns to complete the look. Luckily Foot Traffic has you covered with several options. Choose from harlequin footless tights, adult tights, trouser socks, or even toe socks.

Let Foot Traffic Inspire Your Halloween Costume!

At Foot Traffic, you'll find many more sock designs to thrill and inspire you. Our themed socks cover so many categories and interests: animals, food, beverages, outer space, sports, careers, and so much more. Don't forget we have kids' socks, too! Visit our website to see our entire collection. We can't wait to see what kind of costume you come up with!