4 Creative 1980s-Themed Halloween Costumes

4 Creative 1980s-Themed Halloween Costumes

This decade begs for legwear from Foot Traffic

It sounds crazy, but Halloween will soon be here. Before we know it, we'll be seeing ghosts and goblins in store windows, jack-o'-lanterns on doorsteps, and witches on brooms sticking out of trees. The kids will be clamoring for new costumes, too, many of which are based on the latest superhero or favorite character on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel.

But let's not forget that Halloween isn't just a kids' holiday. Adults like to dress up, too, and the 1980s gave us a lot to work with. We've found that adults take a little longer to put their costumes together than children do. It's not too early to start the planning process. And we have accessories to help.

We Have More than Just Fun Socks

Here at Foot Traffic, we love socks. We're known for our fantastic selection of crazy socks, themed socks, and funny socks. But we also have other legwear. Our leg warmers and novelty tights are often overlooked but may be exactly what you need to complete the perfect '80s-themed Halloween costume.

Here are just a few ideas for costumes inspired by the culture of the '80s. Any of them will benefit from Foot Traffic legwear.


Madonna is often referred to as the "Queen of Pop" and is considered one of the most influential cultural icons of the 1980s. She burst on the scene with originality, versatility, and unabashed sexuality, which resulted in her being alternately loved and hated by many. She's often been emulated, but no one has thus far made quite the impact that she has on popular culture.


Madonna was known for her striking stage outfits. If you're planning to dress like her at Halloween, you'll need to stock up on some tights with patterns, including our faux lace-up and faux garter thigh high tights.


The movie Flashdance came out in 1983. Although critics hated it, it was a box office bravo, spawning several hit songs and ushering in the age of the leg warmer. This practical accessory was used by dancers in the movie, ostensibly to keep leg muscles warm in between dance numbers. There may have been a little more to it.


Leg warmers suddenly became a fashion statement, as did the super-baggy sweatshirt-as-mini-dress cover-up. This makes for an easy costume to pull together for Halloween. Put on a leotard, order up some super long leg warmers or a pair of cable knit leg warmers, throw an oversized sweatshirt over the top, strap on some dance heels, and you're good to go. The leg warmers will feel nice if the temperatures drop on the way to the Halloween party. Both styles of leg warmers are available in multiple colors, so you can pull together a color-coordinated costume.

Let's Get Physical

Between Olivia Newton-John's 1981 hit single Let's Get Physical and Jane Fonda's 1982 aerobic exercise program, Jane Fonda's Workout, the 1980s were overloaded with leotards, tights, and color-coordinated sweatbands. Women everywhere embraced this look in the gym or at home as they danced, flexed, and sweated their way into better shape.


This is another look that's easy to recreate for this year's Halloween get-togethers. Foot Traffic's microfiber tights are available in a wide variety of colors to match nearly any leotard you might have stashed in a drawer. Fleece tights are perfect for cold October nights. And our signature combed cotton tights are made with a higher thread count, so they're super-soft and comfortable. They're durable, too, and don't run or snag the way ordinary tights do. We have lots of options when it comes to fun tights for women, so check out our website for the full array.

If you're going with the "physical" look for Halloween, don't forget the matching headband!

Cyndi Lauper

It's hard to beat Cyndi Lauper when it comes to avant garde. This singer, songwriter, actress, and activist was wildly popular in the 1980s. Her 1983 debut album, She's So Unusual, was the first by a female artist to earn four top-five hits on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Her noteworthy style included bright colors -- including hair colors -- and eccentric clothing and accessories.


Dressing as Cyndi Lauper for Halloween is a lot of fun because nearly anything goes. Whatever outfit you put together, Foot Traffic has tights to go with it. Our printed tights are perfect for a Lauper look-alike. Printed microfiber tights elicit comments from everyone who sees them, so they're not for wallflowers! They're available in over 75 different patterns and are individually hand-printed in our factory, making them a work of art as well as a practical accessory.

Center your costume around designs like our tie dye tights, chicklets tights, graffiti tights, lime paisley tights, or purple swirl tights. Or maybe you want to go with an animal theme. In that case, jaguar tights or zebra tights might be just what you're looking for. We have many options at Foot Traffic, so check out all our novelty tights before making your selection.

We Love a Good Party!

At Foot Traffic, we love to have fun. And that's just what we do every day. We strive to bring our customers the most interesting, unique, and noteworthy socks, tights, leggings, and leg warmers on the planet. We have everything from thigh high leg warmers to low-liners and toe socks.

Visit our website to see our entire catalog of tights, leggings, and fun socks. Then get your order in so you'll be ready when the Halloween party invitations start rolling in. You're going to look amazing!