Textured Tights

Express your adventurous side with Textured Tights from Foot Traffic. Whether you prefer a subtle, sophisticated texture, or a bolder, edgier design, our textured tights are sure to please.
Slip on a pair of our textured tights and imagine yourself transported to some of the most exciting and captivating cities around the world. Perhaps strolling down the Champs-Élysées in a pair of our Paris Texture Tights, or walking among medieval castles in a pair of our Dublin Texture Tights. Discover your personal style and let the adventure begin!

Textured Tights by Foot Traffic are offered in a variety of chic and stylish patterns and colors. Each one is as indulgent as the next. From the subtle texture of the Havana, Melbourne, and Nantucket Texture Tights, to the bolder patterns in the Acapulco, Brussels, and Lima Texture Tights, we offer an amazing range of designs. Other patterns available include the Vertical Stripe, Plaid Textured, Diamond Weave, and much more!

Foot Traffic also offers a great variety of Fishnet Texture Tights in stunning colors and styles – from traditional colors such as black, brown, white, and natural, to trendier colors such as purple, red, fuchsia, and peacock. You can also select from different fishnet designs – including classic Fishnet Texture Tights, Large Fishnet, Double Fishnet, and Black Giant Fishnet Tights. Foot Traffic is the place to find an amazing selection of fishnet texture tights.

Textured Tights from Foot Traffic are $15.00 per pair or three pair for $39.00. We also offer a selection of Plus Size textured tights.