Men's Schmear Socks

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Bagels, please. Toasted. And make sure you have plenty of schmear to spread on my favorite breakfast choice.

Schmear Women's Socks

SKU: 7043

So many bagels, so many choices! Which ones to choose?! Funny women's socks with bagels and MORE SCHMEAR PLEASE! are a favorite for every bagel lover. There are so many types of bagels, so many schmears - just think of the combinations! Go ahead and order lots of bagels, plenty of schmear, and of course these funny women's novelty socks!

COLORS: denim blue with dark navy blue accents, pops of warm colors of bagels and schmear

SIZE: fits women's shoe sizes 4-10 / men's/youth shoe sizes 2-8

FIT: mid-calf rise

CONTENT: 65% cotton, 15% nylon, 15% polyester, 5% spandex


GREAT GIFT FOR: friends who love carbs and schmear, hostess gift for someone holding brunch

GIFTS WELL WITH: the most delicious bagels in town, fancy schmear, fancy lox

BLENDED FOR COMFORT: Our custom blend of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex makes these socks breathable, soft, and incredibly comfortable.

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The wide-ranging fit and stay-up top band provides a comfortable fitting sock that stays in place all day, wears well, and holds up wash after wash.

HIGH NEEDLE COUNT: Our socks are made with a fine 200 needle count, meaning they are denser and softer, and allow for our designs to look crisp and clean.