The "Perfect Pair" Tights

Every woman appreciates a perfect pair of tights – a well-made combination of soft, cool cotton at the top, and at the toes with nylon and spandex in between. In addition, a soft, combed-cotton panty that wicks away moisture from the skin is a perfect addition to a perfect pair of tights. And when the cotton toe is smooth (with no bulky seams that bother the toes), even the most discerning tights wearer would agree that they are perfectly designed for comfort. At Foot Traffic, we’ve searched high and low for the right combination of cotton, nylon, and spandex in women’s tights. We believe that we now have a product that meets all the requirements stated above – along with the comfortable fit, length, and roominess that women want. We call them the Perfect Pair Tights – and we’re confident that you’ll love every pair you buy. From casual to formal, our Perfect Pair Tights are great for the office with any skirt or dress.

Smooth to the touch and supportive, these nylon and cotton tights are a fantastic fit – even for the tall gals! Try a pair and see how a perfect fit will change the way you look at tights. Our Perfect Pair Tights are currently available in black, navy, chocolate, and dark grey. For your day wear, evening wear, anywhere – our Perfect Pair Tights are available in a selection of traditional colors that will match nearly any outfit in your wardrobe!

Our Perfect Pair Tights are available in women’s One Size and are made from a 65% Nylon, 30% Combed Cotton, and 5% Spandex fabric mix for strength, warmth, and elasticity.