The Totally Opaque Leggings

One part jean and one part leggings, jeggings are a fashion phenomenon that was brought about by a resurgence in popularity for the skinny jean look. In fact, jeggings have quickly become one of the stand-out fashion trends of the decade. And although jeggings are known by several names – including denim leggings and pull-on jeans – at Foot Traffic we know that jeggings are incredibly popular with our customers.

The Denim Leggings (or jeggings) from Foot Traffic are a 100% polyester legging that mimics the appearance of super-skinny jeans. Consequently, each pair of Denim Leggings from Foot Traffic come in traditional jeans colors (black or blue). Onlookers will wonder if you’re wearing jeans or leggings, but the secret is in the knowledge that these ultra-smooth leggings are the best of both. So, slip on a pair of jeggings and see how stylish and comfortable you can be in a pair of leggings that feature the appearance of denim.

And if you’re feeling particularly glamorous, you can pick up a pair of Wet Look Leggings from Foot Traffic. Shine a spotlight on your legs with these dazzling leggings in black, gold, or silver. Each pair of Wet Look Leggings from Foot Traffic are also a 100% polyester legging. And each pair is smooth, shiny and just a bit daring!

Jeggings and Wet Look Leggings from Foot Traffic are available in One Size.