The Skirted Legging

How many times have you found yourself standing atop a pile of skirts and leggings on your bedroom floor – completely unable to make a match that both looks great and fits well? How often have you seen other women in seemingly perfect skirt-legging combinations that you wish you could also have? Well, that day has finally come.

Ladies rejoice! The Skirted Legging is here and that means an end to trying to match your skirt to a same-color pair of leggings. Now from Foot Traffic, our Skirted Leggings (available in both grey and black) are the same stretchy material and the legging and skirt are connected at the waistband. No longer will you have to battle with two different waistbands that bunch around your waist and refuse to match up.

Here at Foot Traffic, we’ve seen a lot of skirt and legging combinations but we’ve never seen a pair that worked as well as these. The Skirted Legging from Foot Traffic is a real find – totally opaque and perfect for layering. The microfiber-spandex fabric mix will give you a confident fit. Our customers rave about the Skirted Legging combination – calling it cute, comfortable, the best leggings with attached skirt ever!

Each pair of Foot Traffic Skirted Leggings is in a women’s one size (5'0"-5'8", 100-160lbs) and made from a 90% microfiber nylon, 10% spandex fabric mix for strength and elasticity. Please check individual product pages for additional fabric and color availability.

One Size 5'0"-5'8", 100-160 lbs. Imported.